20 Business Lessons We Can Learn from ‘Office Space’ 20 Years Later

My best Halloween costume — and arguably the best thing I’ve done in my life — ever.

1) Focus on the activities that matter

2) Avoid micromanaging

3) Establish and communicate a clear vision

4) Build a culture that’s more than just Hawaiian Shirt Day

5) Protect your time

6) Take time to disconnect

7) Flair should be encouraged, but not a requirement

8) Take risks

9) Address problems directly and quickly

10) Create an energizing work environment that allows people to do their best work

11) Figure out what every employee’s “red stapler” is

12) Be a catalyst for change

13) Treat everyone with dignity

14) Give your ideas a shot

15) Invest in resources that allow your teams to do their jobs effectively

16) Collaborate

17) Make relationships a priority

18) Take the job you’ll enjoy the most

19) Use your vacation time

20) Never, ever say “Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.”



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Chris Luecke

Chris Luecke

Sharing my experiences in business, travel, and lifestyle design through quippy yet constructive reflections. Proud St. Louisan now living in San Francisco.